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Our Work

The Deer Park Opportunity Center was founded on the basic principal that sometimes people just need a hand up not a hand out.  Founded in 2008 as a reaction to the growing numbers of "transitional", otherwise known as homeless, students in Deer Park ISD, the Deer Park Opportunity Center was formed to catch these students before they fell through the cracks due desperate circumstances preventing them from attending school. By providing economic support to these students and these families we believe we could start to break the vicious cycle of poverty due to lack of educational opportunities.  

Over the years we have provided housing, immediate financial support for bills or basic necessities like food, and anything in between.  Whether it was a set of mattresses for a family whose only comfort was the bare floor or a bicycle as a basic mode of transportation, the Deer Park Opportunity Center stepped in before the situation became unbearable.

We like to work behind the scenes and leverage our network of resources to surface the situations that somehow slipped by others.  We are small but our passion to serve others is large.  We take pride in knowing 100% of the contributions our organization brings in are redirected to those we serve.  We act with agility and focus, and are careful to recognize we can only do so much.  That appreciation grounds our team in an understanding that it indeed takes a community to achieve the type of change we desire.  We can't do it alone.  None can.

Contact us to learn more about what you can do to help, and become a part of the change by donating or volunteering today.

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